So much for that sweet puppy

My best buddy and I labor for the same heating and A/C repair corporation in town.

The numerous of us have been working together for the past year. Both of us commonly labor on replacement jobs… Last week, the lot of us went to a commercial job to repair a boiler. The owner of the supplier was in the family office with her dog. I walked into the office to provide the woman an invoice after the large boiler was fixed. I thought the dog was friendly, however she wasn’t. I bent down to happily pet the dog, while the customer was signing the invoice for the boiler repair. The dog quickly grabbed my hand with her teeth, she started shakin my hand furiously at that point and she wouldn’t let go, even when her owner started yelling. The dog chewed hard on my hand until it was raw and covered in blood. I almost passed out at that time from the pain. I went to the emergency room as soon as I left the boiler repair and I gained myself 17 stitches in my hand. The nurse in the emergency room told me I had to follow up with an orthopedic surgeon, because I might need tendons repaired. I really do not suppose what to do about the dog and the medical bills. I wasn’t being aggressive or jumpy and the owner gave myself and others no warning that the dog might bite after the boiler repair job. The creature was clearly out of control.

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