So much for the marriage proposal

I thought I had the perfect relationship when my beloved bestie and I got together.

We always agreed on everything and I felt as if nothing could ever come between us, so when the idea of us moving in together was brought up months later, I thought what could go wrong? I imagined this perfect relationship where everything we did was always easy; But now I see that it was a fantasy, and there were definitely plenty of things that could go wrong.

I’m not sure when it happened, however, she completely changed. She became a control freak when we shared a roof and made a long list of things I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to do, and I think possibly 1 of the worst things she was controlling about was the thermostat and the entire heating and cooling system. She completely banned myself and others from touching the thermostat and would literally scream and throw things at myself and others if I tried. I was burning tepid when she was comfortable because she would put the furnace on 90 degrees! I mean, literally, I was frying! She was always paranoid and thought I was cheating on her, when I wasn’t and I had not given her any reason to suppose I was. She would become ridiculously jealous if anyone however her got attention. She once even threatened to kill our cat! She was so insecure that she felt threatened by our damn dog of all things. I had enough and kicked her out and both of us haven’t spoken even once since. Now I can appreciate the cool air of the air conditioner again … and I mean separate from worrying about our abusive control freak of an ex.

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