Somebody stole my AC while I was on getaway

My wife and I went on a week-long getaway, then we went to a tropical island and a locale that all of us had never been to in the past.

We had an amazing adventure and the 2 of us are things that all of us never thought all of us would see in a million years.

It sincerely was the trip of a lifetime for both of us. We had a crazy amount of fun and neither one of us wanted to leave at the end. When all of us came back to the house, the first thing all of us had to do was deal with a major problem! Someone broke into our house while all of us were gone. They stole one of the window AC units from the residing room. The window AC device upstairs in our home office was still there, but the AC device in the residing room was missing. Someone had carefully disconnectd it from the wall. It looked appreciate someone who knew what they were doing. My wife and I called the police as soon as all of us realized that someone broke into our home. A police officer arrived a few minutes later. She was only a mile up the road when all of us called. The officer wrote down some information and she took some pictures. She really did not sound easily convincing that they would find the lady responsible. She told us to contact our homeowners insurance. It’s been a couple of weeks since the break-in and the police still haven’t contacted us with any names or information. I do not guess they are moving easily fast to get the problem and crime solved.


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