Someone found out about the modern employee

I didn’t want anyone at labor to believe that I hired my nephew. I was afraid that the guys at labor would not respect Jack. He’s a nice Heating and A/C repair specialist and I wanted him to have an occasion to shine. He started working at the shop a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t tell anyone that Jack was my nephew, however I am pretty sure that some of the guys found out. There was an e-mail in my inbox from a single of the employees. The e-mail discussed the policy of nepotism in the workplace. The next afternoon I contacted the employee and I asked him to meet myself and others in my office. Every one of us discussed the e-mail in superb detail. I provided sufficient explanations for hiring my nephew and I really told all of the employees that I expected the same amount of labor from everyone. I was not going to show anyone any special treatment if that task was not done properly. I had to follow through when Jack made the first giant mistake. He was on a commercial repair task and he made a pressing mistake. Another employee had to bail him out of the situation. I had to supply Jack a written warning about the situation. I would have done that with any other employee. I didn’t guess it was particularly fair or necessary, however after I made the grand statement about treating everyone exactly the same, I had to supply Jack a written warning in his personnel file. Honestly, it’s just a formality and doesn’t mean much at all.

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