Someone found out about the new employee

I had to give Jack a written warning about the situation

I didn’t want anyone at work to know that I hired my nephew. I was afraid that the guys at work would not respect Jack. He’s a good HVAC repair technician and I wanted him to have an opportunity to shine. He started working at the shop a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t tell anyone that Jack was my nephew, but I’m pretty sure that some of the guys found out. There was an email in my inbox from one of the employees. The email discussed the policy of nepotism in the workplace. The next day I contacted the employee and I asked him to meet me in my office. We discussed the email in great detail. I offered reasonable explanations for hiring my nephew and I absolutely told all of the employees that I expected the same amount of work from everyone. I was not going to show anyone any special treatment if that job was not done correctly. I had to follow through when Jack made the first big mistake. He was on a commercial repair job and he made a huge mistake. Another employee had to bail him out of the situation. I had to give Jack a written warning about the situation. I would have done that with any other employee. I didn’t think it was particularly fair or necessary, but after I made the grand statement about treating everyone exactly the same, I had to give Jack a written warning in his personnel file. Honestly, it’s just a formality and doesn’t mean much at all.

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