Someone left the air conditioner on all week at my church

I really don’t know how it happened, but the church is going to have a pricey electric bill at the end of the month.

Apparently, somebody accidentally left the air conditioner on at the church for the entire week, cooling the building down to a chilly temperature for absolutely nobody.

When I first arrived a week later to set the thermostat for the service, I was surprised that it was so cold. By asking around, I found out what had happened. Last week, the capacitor stopped working on one of our air conditioners during the middle of the service. The auditorium became stuffy and warm, so somebody adjusted one of the air conditioning units to make up for the lack of one air conditioner. However, that ruined the program in the thermostat, meaning that somebody had to remember to re-adjust the thermostat at the end of the service. Everyone forgot, and the air conditioner ran all week instead. Well, mistakes are made often. People fail, and that is okay. An air conditioner isn’t that big of a deal, and we can find a way to pay the electricity bill. However, in order to prevent this again, I called the HVAC company in our area and asked them to come to fix our HVAC unit. With both units running at their proper program, we shouldn’t have to worry about this happening again. I just wish we would have called the HVAC company when they stopped working last week! Then there would have been no issue at all with our air conditioner!

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