Someone sued 1 of my HVAC specialists

Someone had the guts to try to sue 1 of my HVAC specialists, and it made myself and others truly angry.

I couldn’t think it.

This whole lawsuit has almost ruined the reputation of the HVAC corporation, and I knew that I couldn’t just lay by and let the HVAC specialist handle on his own. It was his word against hers, and if I didn’t step in as his boss and the owner of the HVAC corporation that he represents, I would have had no reputation among the community! Nobody would have wanted to hire any of my HVAC specialists because they would have thought that I hired a bunch of perverts for my HVAC corporation, however so, instead of kneeling around and letting the HVAC specialist handle the complication himself, I decided to pour some of the finances of my HVAC corporation into the court battle. I paid for all of the legal fees of my HVAC specialist, and I also testified in court. This HVAC specialist was happily married, and I have never had trouble with him. He goes on repair calls to fix the HVAC units of customer’s houses all of the time, and I have never heard anything about him trying to sleep with anyone while on the job. However, the best section of the case was when the lady gave a certain time period for when the HVAC specialist evidently tried to sexually assault, what she didn’t guess was that I keep tabs on my HVAC specialist, and he wasn’t even in the beach house when this lady claimed that he was.

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