Something is looming over me

Have you ever heard of eco-friendly vacations? I recently learned about them, and I just don’t know if I could stand to go on vacation without amenities and basic life  necessities such as air conditioning. I live in the south, and it is overwhelmingly hot here for most of the year. Lots of people vacation in my state, and I have always thought one of the best things about a vacation is getting to use the a/c or heater in the hotel without having to pay extra for it! Anyway, I do not like to be unfriendly toward our planet, but a vacation without available a/c is just not for me. Recently, I went on a trip, and the house I rented came with a ductless mini split a/c in the bedroom only. The rest of the house was just too darn hot. I know people are concerned about the environment, but do we really have to give up air conditioning to save the earth? It seems to me that what is really needed is continued research and development for more efficient a/c and furnaces. The more efficient the HVAC systems are, the less energy they use, and the better they are for the environment. After trying that one vacation with a/c in only the bedroom, I have decided that I will never take an eco-friendly vacation. I am looking for a place to go on my next vacation, and so far, there are lots of wonderful places. I just need to make sure they have air conditioning and great food!