Something isn't right, but I can't figure it out

Some volunteers at the summer camp as well as myself were working alongside and old electrician in order to figure out our lighting problems.

The electrician was having a lot of difficulty with the light, which were supposed to work at the same time that the trigger was fixed.

The two of us certainly made multiple attempts to help out, but we could not do our best to get anything to work automatically. It was clear this old electrician didn’t know much at all. The two of us had better luck contacting the furnace as well as cooling control plan provider. The two of us explain the wiring and ventilation to the guide, as well as they certainly agreed to send a technician to help. When the camp director found out that the two of us contacted the local furnace as well as cooling plan provider, he certainly yelled as well as said he did not authorize for any repairs. My fellow counselor as well as myself agreed to pay for half of the cost, if the camp cover the other costs. It was at that point I believe, that the two of us sparked as the type of regular people who were not going to put up with this baloney anymore. The two of us waited all afternoon for the furnace as well as cooling plan provider to arrive. The guy fixed the problem with the ventilation system, as well as provided us assistance with the electrical problem. He had everything worked out in a couple of hours, and the two of us would have taken more than three or four days. Best of all, they decided to perform the repairs at no cost, since the camp is a nonprofit organization.
Cooling specialist