Son thought he wanted to run away until he learned about energy bills

I never expected that I was going to have a family when I grew up.

Honestly, I always thought that my bloodline needed to die out because there was so much drama and mental illness contained in our DNA.

I have firmly believed that it was the best option if I remained single and did not bother to procreate. However, Mother Nature did not honor my life plans. A few years ago I met a wonderful woman and we accidentally got pregnant. So began my life as a family man. To this day, I am still learning about raising children. Recently, I have learned that when it comes to heating, cooling, and air quality control systems… Your kids can be prima donnas. I never knew that my youngster was so concerned with the indoor air temperature until last week. Out of the blue, he started complaining about the central heating, cooling, and ventilation control plan. Apparently, he felt like the indoor air temperature was not up to par for his daily activities. He kept complaining that the thermostat needed to be adjusted and we were being abusive by keeping the indoor air temperature so low. At that point, I invited my kid to move out on his own if he wanted to control an indoor air quality control system so badly. He was more than welcome to find out about the costs of heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment, not to mention the ridiculous expense of energy bills every month. As I showed my smart-ass child our regular utility bills, I saw his face so pale. Suddenly, he wasn’t interested in moving out anymore… He stopped complaining about the HVAC system right away.

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