Space heaters versus baseboard heaters

When we bought our home, the most amazing part of my home, was the loft room.

I could see that it had so much potential.

For years, it was a playroom for my kids. I could look up into the room, from the kitchen, and know what they were doing. When my daughter temporarily moved back home with her two daughters, the loft became their personal space. I had never realized how cold it could be in the loft room, when the door was closed. When our kids were little, we always had the door open. Since they had grown up, the loft was used for storage. We realized we had to put some kind of heating in the loft. We talked about putting some baseboard heaters upstairs and just connecting them to the water pipes from the boiler. We realized it was going to be really difficult to get the hot water pipes upstairs because of the way the walls were mismatched. We then considered just putting some electric baseboard heaters upstairs. The electric baseboard heaters would have worked well, but the space is so large that it was too expensive at that time. My daughter brought a couple of oil filled heaters home, when she was on her way home from work. She had them set upstairs and it was so warm and comfortable. The space heaters didn’t add even the extra amount on our energy bills, as the baseboard heaters had said they would add. They used the loft room for almost three years, until they could afford to purchase a home of their own.


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