Sports training for a school gymnast gets intense, but much more organized!

The competitive nature of gymnastics forces me to be on my toes – literally.

I regularly believed that being the best calls for practicing harder and more often! During the fall last year, I would drill for hours before my classes. To ensure I was totally well rounded with my skills, I would start the day with a ton of practice – this led to a ton of injuries and bad habits though. I started doing a little research into what I was doing,and I was trying to find that which would help myself and others compete better. I found in the next town over there is a personal training center! The personal training gym offers interest fitness programs, some of which are specialized for gymnasts. I decided to provide it a go, which I am so glad that I did because it’s totally changed me for the better! With a personal trainer, I was learning more gymnastics skills! Still, the trainer worked with me to focus on areas of our body where tumbling doesn’t stress as much. Since he also pressured me to focus on training the spots where I get the most injuries. My right shoulder, left knee & ankles always take the worst beating of all when I tumble, so my trainer developed exercises to work those areas and ensure that I was building enough muscle to keep them supported. We also worked on various core exercises to help with our tumbling. Best of all, I even got arm drills that highlighted parts of my arms that tumbling never works! Now, I’m feeling much stronger and have a better idea of what I have to do to be ready for the coming season.
Group Physical Training Classes