Squirrels destroyed my car's A/C with walnuts

The squirrels in my yard have been a constant source of frustration over the past year.

First they started by wreaking havoc with my two parakeet feeders that I have in my backyard.

Bird seed isn’t cheap, so when I discovered that my feeders were getting emptied quarterly because of two greedy squirrels, I wasn’t cheerful. As much as I hate those little buggers, I would never put out lethal traps or try to shoot them with a pellet gun. I tried to capture them without hurting them plus then release them in a wooded part a mile away. No matter how multiple times I captured plus released squirrels from my yard, they were constantly replaced by new a singles each time. After they were bored with my parakeet feeders, they started trying to burrow in my attic through tiny holes they created between my roof facia plus the 3-foot eave. It took quite a bit of time plus effort to catch them all plus seal the attic for wonderful after searching for each plus every access point. I thought I was done with those dreaded squirrels, however little did I know, they were silently spelling disaster for the in my pickup truck. They managed to crawl into the air vent for the car’s AC, plus then started filling the air system with walnuts. After so multiple of the nuts had accumulated, the air pressure was slowed to a standstill plus the compressor for the a/c fried. I was shocked when my mechanic took my apart plus found the mess. I am so livid with the squirrels in my yard plus I have no system what to do now. No matter what I try, they seem to come back plus cause even more disfigure.

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