Still running the furnace in April

It’s the end of April, and I’m still running the heating system non stop. The outside temperature rarely gets above forty degrees, and it snowed yesterday. The lilac trees have budded and the daffodils are actually blooming. There are robins hopping around in the snow, looking very cold and unhappy. The spring season has arrived, and yet the weather is refusing to cooperate. I’m aggravated with the cold temperatures. I’m tired of wearing my wool coat and boots to go outside. I’m annoyed with spending the majority of my time trapped in the house, when there’s so much yard work that needs to be done. I hate spending a fortune on my heating bills, and I’m worried about my furnace. Although I had the furnace professionally serviced in the early fall, it’s no longer operating at its best. The excessive workload has definitely put a strain on the heating unit. It has begun to make some strange noises, and is no longer supplying as much heated air. I’ve needed to bump up the thermostat several times. The furnace is running for much longer cycles, and yet there’s cold spots in various rooms. There’s also more dust flying around in the air. I am hoping the furnace can make it to the end of the season. I really don’t want to face a malfunction and a costly repair, but there’s no way I could currently get by without heat. I’m being very diligent about cleaning the after filter regularly. Although I should probably schedule an appointment with the local HVAC contractor to have the furnace serviced again, I’d prefer to spend the money on getting the air conditioner ready for the summer.

a/c repair