Strenuous workouts lead to leg cramps

I make my workouts a daily priority.

I consider physical exercise to be as important as eating healthy, getting enough sleep and brushing my teeth.

I devote approximately an hour to my fitness every day. Most often, I workout first thing in the morning. I’ve found that by stretching, elevating my heart rate and working up a sweat, I am in a better mood and more productive for the rest of the day. My workouts are always strenuous. I tend to push myself and compete with my personal best. Although I’m very conscientious about properly warming up, stretching and cooling down, I’m often sore. I deal with muscle fatigue and painful joints. I know that I should take breaks from high impact aerobics and allow my body to rest. I find it difficult to take a day off. Just recently, I’ve had some issues with muscle cramps in my calves. They happen at night, waking me up out of a sound sleep. The pain is intense. I’ve researched the possible causes and learned that it might be due to strenuous activity. I forced myself to avoid high impact exercise for a few days. I concentrated more on weight lifting, ab crunches, push-ups and plank holds. I noticed no improvement in the problems with my calves. I went back to my normal exercise program but spent more time stretching my legs. I also take at least one day a week to ride the stationary bike, which is a bit less stressful on my legs. After further research online, I’ve started taking turmeric and magnesium. This has helped a bit.


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