Struggles controlling the smart thermostat with an app

Smart control units are nice plus all that, however a single thing that I do not care about about them is the fact that they are controlled mostly through an app on your cell iphone… I ran into an issue recently with this when our password to the app would not work! I had changed nothing, however this was a software failure all together, but during this time I could not control our central heating plus A/C method device other than using the control device by hand.

This totally defeats the purpose of a smart control unit.

I had to call the local heating and cooling company to tell them what was going on plus then they had to get hold of technical support from the control device dealer. It was a real mess to say the least, after this happened I decided that I was going to switch back to an official digital control unit. At least with a digital control device I think what I am getting into plus there are no ipad programs involved. I can simply run our central heating plus A/C method device as needed using the official digital control device that was before the invention of the smart control unit. I will miss saving a few extra bucks on our bi-weekly energy bills plus I will miss being able to program the smart control device plus all that fantastic stuff. But this is a small sacrifice to make just to be able to have our central heating plus A/C be easy plus easy as it once was beforehand.



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