Stuck in an elevator in a building with climate control issues

The other day when I went to work, I was in for a different kind of day.

We work in a highrise building, so we have to take the elevators unless we want to walk up endless stairs.

I was glad there weren’t too many people in the elevator because it was kind of hot inside the building. It seemed like there was always some sort of complication with the cooling system in the place. So when the elevator got stuck, we all started to panic. We had no idea how long we were going to be stuck and we were calling for help. Fortunately, one of the guys who was also stuck in the elevator happened to have a portable cooling device with him. He said he was bringing it to his work station because it’s always way too overheated in the building. So he turned that thing on and it worked surprisingly well. The cooling device worked with a rechargeable battery and it could also be plugged in. While it was initially overheated in the elevator, that little portable cooling device helped us out a great deal. It still wasn’t fun being stuck in the elevator, but at least it was bearable thanks to that guy and his portable cooling device. When we eventually were rescued from the elevator, I told that guy I was going to get one of those myself. Also, I couldn’t stay for work that day after that experience. I was actually kind of afraid of the elevators after that time, and eventually I got a new job altogether where I didn’t have to use elevators and they didn’t have a problem with their climate control system.
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