Stuffy air quality in the club

There was a time when I used to tear up the clubs, and hit every dive bar in the city in search of fabulou grunge rock bands! Punk, metal, anything that was heavy, I was into, although I didn’t care about corporate bands or commercial music in the least! I definitely loved listening to the unsigned bands that played for peanuts, had the worst amps, and played to mostly empty rooms! That was hardcore, in my opinion, and I lived the lifestyle for a long while. I also smoked a great deal which ended up coming back to haunt me in a number of ways. I don’t have cancer or anything serious like that, thank goodness, however my lungs are in the worst shape. Not only do I require superior air quality always, although I need heavily filtered AC with a unique set of levels. Going outside into a humid summer time afternoon for even a few moments is absolutely dangerous, so I literally need my AC appliance at all times! Locally there is a 15,000 arena used for all kinds of sporting events and various live shows, and it has numerous luxury sky boxes with private temperature control systems in them. This is a way for me to still go and see live music while not giving up the air filters and humidity controls that I must have to survive. I love the temperature control of the sky boxes, although I certainly miss going to the small shows like I used to in the past. These arena shows are totally corporate, legitimately commercial, however it is the only way for me to have the temperature control and see live music at the same time. I feel I’m basically screwed if I do, screwed if I don’t!

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