Sun blinds help keep living room cool

Periodically the simplest solutions are the best a singles… Many times in my life, I have made things more complicated than they need it to be by following of the “advised” solution, rather than getting creative on my own, and well, recently I decided to start using my ingenuity rather than my pocketbook; I started examining my concerns from all perspectives, plus looking for ways to split down on costs plus headaches, then one of my most innovative solutions to a official problem, was utilizing my mom’s aged window treatment connections to install heat plus light blocking shades in my home, then from the morning that I first viewed my house, it was obvious that there was a problem with direct sun streaming in through certain windows in the home, but the floors were bleached plus the walls appeared sunshine disfigured from the heat plus energy; As such, I knew that I would have uneven hot plus freezing un-even temperatures throughout the current home during certain seasons.

What I didn’t immediately recognize, was the necessity for immediate air temperature control in my living room.

Because the sunshine was so intense in the living room windows, it heated up the space disproportionally plus respectfully triggered the thermostat set to operate the air conditioner. I was spending more money than necessary to turn my central cooling plan on plus off all afternoon. In order to mediocre this improper thermostat functioning, I decided to circumvent the expensive solutions plus simply install heat blocking window shades. I am ecstatic to report that my seriously simple solution has split down my energy bills by over 30% so far.


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