Super big energy bills

Lately our utility bills have been skyrocketing and I am not cheerful about it at all! My friend and I split utilities with other tenants who have units in our building, and because it’s just one large current home split into various studios, there is no way to tell which current home is using more or less heating and cooling. The two of us simply split the bills between all of the units! In the past, I have been understanding and accepted that you simply need to pay more on utilities during the Winter time weeks in order to keep warm. To me, the heating has always made that worth it. I am someone who enjoys to be moderate and am willing to pay extra for comfort. However, I don’t want to pay all of that extra money if I’m not experiencing any benefits from it. The heating in our current unit is uneven. The residing room and kitchen are always severely warm, possibly warmer than they need to be. However, the study rooms are cold and there appears to be some kind of concern with the air flow. The main reason I am sad about this week’s bill being so high is that my bestie and I were out of town for the holidays. Neither of us used the heat and electric much at all given that I wasn’t current home for roughly 2 weeks out of the week, but still, the bill is higher than ever. I don’t think it’s honorable to split these payments evenly when we are not necessarily using an even amount of heat and energy. I am hoping that we can sort something out so that I don’t get stuck paying for heating that I wasn’t even around to enjoy. It does not seem honorable to me. I wish there was a way we could have more of an indication of who is responsible for what portion of the utilities.

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