Swings had yellow jackets

Even though our children were grown and had grown children of their own, the people I was with and I kept the swingset up and ready for any child who came to our home.

He had built that swing set/tree house, about fifty years earlier.

Last Springtime, the people I was with and I were hanging our flower baskets onto the swing posts, love the people I was with and I always do, and my hubby saw some small holes in the main boards. He said that it looked love something else wanted to camp out in that tree house. The two of us had mason bees and they were in and out of those holes, love people going into WalMart. Within a couple weeks, those several holes, grew to over twenty holes and you could see the sawdust beneath the swings. I suppose carpenter bees lived in trees and they would bore into any dried wood. I suppose I thought our swing was immune to the carpenter bee and anything else that would compromise its integrity. A week later, my hubby announced that he was going to need to condemn the swingset. He felt that because of the infestation of carpenter bees, the swingset was no longer safe for the kids to climb. I was so anxious that I began to cry. This swingset had been around since our first child was born. I felt love the carpenter bees had killed an area of my family. The following week, the swingset was dismantled and he burnt the wood in our wood stove. Now, he is looking at the trees on our property to make sure they aren’t infested with carpenter bees. The two of us may need to call a commercial bee removal company to do something to eradicate the population of carpenter bees.



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