Switching from owning an antique shop to custom upholstery

As a child, I was very interested in drawing, painting and fabrics.

  • I have always had a passion for color.

As an adult, I developed a strong interest in quality furniture and antiques. After filling my home with beautiful pieces of furniture, I finally opened up a small shop in an antique mall. Very often, the merchandise I acquired needed work. Before I could sell the pieces, repairs needed to be made to the upholstery and wood. Initially, I hired professional craftsmen to handle these jobs. However, the workmanship often failed to meet my standards. Plus, these craftsmen were so expensive that selling the repaired pieces was no longer profitable. I decided that the only way to make my venture successful and ensure the integrity of the pieces was to do the work myself. While running my antique business, I apprenticed under an established upholsterer and custom furniture builder. I learned the proper techniques and processes and in time, I became skilled at furniture upholstery and refinishing. As I restored antique merchandise for my store, other antique dealers started to ask where I was having the work done. Once they learned that I was handling it, they started hiring me to upholster and refinish pieces for them as well. I realized that my future centered around my upholstery talents. I switched from owning an antique store to running a custom upholstery shop. Unlike other upholstery shops, mine is not cluttered or crowded. I am dedicated to excellent customer service, affordable prices and outstanding quality. I ensure that the frame of the piece is solid and that the springs are in good condition. I provide new filling from quality foam, feathers or down and cover the furniture with the client’s choice of fabric. I offer thousands of fabrics to choose from and am willing to custom build furniture or modify existing pieces to the customer’s specifications.


Traditional excellence at home