Switching from teaching group classes to personal training to find some purpose in this life

I used to teach a girls fitness class out of a local gym, which was awesome initially.

Four times a week, I’d regularly have about two dozen guests attend the class and follow my workout. However, catering my intensity level of the class when there was a range of age and fitness levels present was difficult, in a word. Many said the class was strenuous at best, though others claimed it wasn’t enough to get them feeling good about the workout. Before long, I realized that targeting such a massive group was not the best way to go about it, so I needed to be able to customize the workout to each individual’s needs. I then started offering personal training strictly for ladies, and while hanging flyers up at the gym and all over town helped some, it took ages for signups to come in. Once these ladies started seeing results, they told their friends and coworkers! Word of mouth alone led me to where I was always training clients, and with a waiting list under my name, I’ve really hit the big-times with my career as a trainer. I work with girls that are in their early twenties, or as late as their seventies! The one constant with this wide range of age and fitness levels is the commitment to a goal. That’s what I love to see: people who want to make things happen, regardless of where they currently are in their lives!
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