Switching the thermostat settings

Twenty several years ago, when all of us bought our house, all of us did a major remodeling job… It took almost six months before all of us could even transport into the house.  During that time all of us stayed with my in-laws which was less than comfortable so all of us worked day plus night to make the home ready to live in. We even moved in before it was completely done plus made do with the situation! We moved in once Winter time had ended so all of us wouldn’t have to worry about heating the home so much.  Living with construction mess is the worst! In fact, never having drywall dust again would be too soon. Now, my hubby has decided that he wants to completely change out our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system. As all of us have gotten older the need for comfort has become more important. Twenty several years ago, the need for air conditioner wasn’t anything all of us wanted or felt all of us needed.  Now, all of us have spent a small fortune on portable cooling systems to try plus keep the home cool in the summer. We only have a boiler for heat so adding central air is a sizable project. Yet, my hubby wants to open up walls, install HVAC duct plus have a sizable construction mess all over again. I am not sure that I, or our marriage, can survive another long term mess in our home. I have heard that there are smaller Heating, Ventilation plus A/C units that can be installed that deliver zoned heating plus air conditioner plus I am hoping to convince my hubby of this option instead.  Wish myself and others luck! I am going to need it.

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