Taking a quiz

On a usual basis I see advertisements on our social media pop up to take online quizzes! I saw an advertisement that said “take this quiz to see if you belong in a hot or cold environment.” I was thinking to myself I may as well take this quiz because I have lived in the north and the south and I can’t decide which 1 I love better.

I will tell you some of the quiz questions, how I answered these types of questions and the results from the quiz, and the first question asked: Are you more likely to get miserable if you are a) hot and dripping with sweat or b) if it’s a cold day outside and you forgot to wear a overcoat; For the first question, I answered that I would be more likely to be miserable if I was hot and dripping with sweat.

In the Summer I get really irritable if I’m too hot and I’m not inside in a/c or in the water, question 2 asked me. would you be more likely to a) have a high electric bill from the air conditioning system in the Summer b) have a high electric bill from heat in the winter. I told them that I would be more likely to have a high electric bill from a/c in the Summer because I love to cool at lake house for sleeping and getting prepped. I do use heat in the winter, however I can regularly bundle up and wear layers to keep our electric bill lower. My results said that I belong in a cold environment because I am more likely to get so miserable when it’s hot that I will blast our a/c always and have a high electric bill.

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