Taking a spin class so I can sleep better

For a long time I was having trouble sleeping at night.

I read online a ton of things to try and they didn’t do anything really.

I eliminated blue light two hours before bed. I ate kiwi, got a better mattress, bought a gel pillow and purchased a sound machine. Nothing helped me fall asleep at night. I then read that a lot of people exercise to tire themselves out. I had never exercised before in my life. I had no clue what to do so I decided to seek professional help when it came to working out. I signed up for a spin class at the local health and wellness center in town. I had never done any sort of biking or fitness equipment biking before. I was really prepared to hate it and not have any luck sleeping. The fitness instructor leading the class is just amazing. The woman is pumped up, eustatic and so fun. The class is meant for beginners too. I wasn’t even by far the worst one in the class. Each session the pace is upped a little bit more. I need to bike a little longer and a little harder. The best of all is how tired I am after class. I can barely make myself shower and get dressed. I choose to do an evening class too, which is perfect. I then eat dinner and flop down for bed. I still take a bit to wind down, but nothing like before. I also have been waking up less throughout the night.


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