Taking group fitness classes to make friends

I hold pads for someone or assist them with stretching.

I was offered a promotion at work that required me to move to a new area. I didn’t know anyone there, but the money was too good to pass up. I decided that I should try some new things in order to meet people. I started considering what type of people I wanted to socialize with. I don’t usually volunteer or get immersed in politics, so why start now? I am very into physical fitness. I enjoy going on bike rides through the city, swimming at the community pool and making an effort to workout everyday. I decided to enroll in a gym membership at a facility that provides group classes. I hoped that if I found the right class, I could meet my type of people. So far, the classes are going well. I participate in several group fitness classes at the core progression per week. I take a ladies kickboxing class on Monday and Wednesday evenings. On Saturday and Tuesday I take a yoga class in the mornings. I have met some really great people that I enjoy talking to. For the kickboxing class, a lot of the training is partner based. I hold pads for someone or assist them with stretching. My partner and I work together every class and I am gradually working up the courage to mention grabbing a coffee or bit to eat together. After I make some friends, I might try a class for both men and women in hopes of meeting a cute guy. Maybe I’ll sign up for weightlifting or HIT training.

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