Taking up a collection for the church HVAC system

When you belong to a church, you have a requirement to help take care of that church and maintain and repair whatever comes along that needs to be. More often than not, in this Southern State, we are having to spend money on air conditioning. You absolutely can no longer have a church that does not have AC. If you try to hold a mask without running the cooling system, you will be talking to a bunch of empty pews. Anyway, between the church itself, the rectory where the priest lives, and the Parish Center where they have classes and social events, it costs quite a bit to maintain and keep everything running well. This year, we have had to replace the HVAC system at the priest’s house. We took up a collection for it because it was not in the budget. No one knew we were going to have to get a new heating and cooling system oh, and the reason we had to replace his old HVAC system is that it was damaged in a huge hurricane storm. Since the need for a new heating and cooling system was a surprise, they did what they always do, and they had a special collection. They did that special collection for several weeks until they had enough to pay for the new HVAC. Just when we thought we were done with having extra expenses at the church, we discovered the mini split air conditioning units that are used in the classrooms at the Parish Hall need to be either refurbished or replaced. Apparently, the HVAC company we used when we first built the building really did not give us good advice about what kind of mini-split AC we should put in. Therefore, the HVAC system in the classroom area has never really been sufficient, and now it is downright unreliable. So, it is time once again, to start pinching pennies and figuring out what we’re going to do for heating and cooling in the church classrooms. Hopefully, we will get the new AC put in before it is time for summer school.

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