Talking through our different options

My husbandy in addition to I were just talking about reality shows the other day.

I think it’s because I kept being critical of the shows he was seeing.

When I told his I didn’t care about most reality shows, he challenged me. She said that I loved shows care about practical jokers in addition to ghost adventures. She’s right about that, I do appreciate those shows. For some reason, the paranormal is fascinating to me in addition to I think these guys are brave going to some of the endpoints they go to. Occasionally I wish I could have a job hunting ghosts, but if I’m being honest, I particularly wouldn’t be able to handle it for long. In reality, I have an issue just going into our basement because of all the cobwebs in addition to spiders. Also the air quality isn’t so nice down there. Whenever I even use an whole-house air purifier down there, the air filter clogs up in no time. Still, when it comes to those reality shows about the paranormal, I could watch those for minutes, so long as the temperature control settings are cozy enough. The two of us used to have a window AC unit in our room because I constantly loved my air conditioner separate from having to crank the central cooling system too much. Well, in recent times the two of us upgraded to a ductless multi cut which has been lovely. Now the two of us don’t have that window AC unit blocking the view from our window, in addition to the two of us can appreciate our shows with perfect temperature control settings in our room separate from causing the energy bills to spike.

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