Talking with a friend

A few weekends ago, my best friend decided that she wanted to go on a girls weekend camping trip.

Originally, I said no because I’m not one to go camping.

However, my best friend said she thought it would be a great time, so I said yes. Before we left, I had to admit to her that I didn’t have any of my own camping gear! My best friend said that she had a spare tent plus sleeping bag I could have for the weekend. The two of us decided to go to the campground, but I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful and peaceful it was. There was a pretty lake that we swam in during the hot afternoons. However, at nighttime, the temperature was freezing cold. I was up all night trying not to freeze that first night, because I thought I would turn into an ice cube. I told my best friend about my horrible first night in the cold, and she said she had a portable heating method packed in her tent. I was flabbergasted that she packed a heating method in her tent, so she let me sleep in her tent the following night. It was super warm and cozy inside from the heat coming out of her portable gas furnace. If she asks me to go camping with her again, I’m going to purchase my own portable heating method so that I can be warm too. I’ll probably even get a portable cooling method too, incase I want to camp during the summer months. I can’t believe I’ve found a new love for camping!