Talking with my sister

Things could not be worse at this point. It’s almost 85 degrees outside, and the sun is shining down brightly. There isn’t a single cloud in the sky for miles. This week has been extremely hot and humid, and our air conditioner stopped working. My wife and I were hoping for an easy air conditioner repair, but that is not the case. My wife and I paid the air conditioner repair dealer to come over and evaluate our situation. We found out that the problem is an expensive repair that will require several hundreds of dollars. Unfortunately, my wife and I do not have this money to repair the air conditioner at this time. Even though the temperatures are very warm outside, we have to make do with the ceiling fans and bedroom fans. I talked to the owner of the air conditioner repair service about a payment plan. They didn’t seem very interested in helping me afford this significant air conditioner repair. My wife and I could use a credit card to pay for the repair, but then we won’t have any funds for a real emergency. We can live without the air conditioner for a couple of weeks, but we can’t go without our vehicle. The car needs for more tires, and our money is supposed to provide those winter tires. If we spend that money on an air conditioner repair, we might not have the money to put new tires on the car. Sometimes being an adult means having to make a difficult decision between comfort and convenience.