Teaching science to kids after hours

I teach science after hours to school students that need extra help with the subject, but I operate out of my home and do this every other night a week. One of the things that I always make sure of is that the room that I teach in has the best and correct temperature control so that I feel much more relaxed and so the kids that I am helping can concentrate more. I always make sure that I have both a portable a/c and a portable space heating system on hand in the event that the central heating and air conditioner was to break down while I was teaching a science lesson, but that way, I would not have to cancel the class and the kids can get the most out of their extra help that they need with me teaching this subject after hours during the week. The central heating and air conditioner works good in that room normally, however but one time when I had an unexpected heating and a/c breakdown, I had to cancel my science class for the day and the kids that were supposed to come were behind in their studies, ever since that day is when I came up with the plan to make sure and have a portable a/c on hand and a portable space heater, so if it ever goes out again, I can still do my classes as usual. It is a great method and it is safe and it works well.

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