Teaching with no a/c

I am a kindergarten teacher at a low income school in the area near my home. I have always loved the idea of teaching kids that aren’t as privileged as the ones that I grew up with. My family comes from a lot of money and it was hard for me sometimes to see all that we had while other kids struggled. However it is hard for me to teach in a lower income school because they don’t have the funding that I need to be able to teach the kids the way I want to. One of the worst things that happened last year was that the air conditioning went out and the school didn’t have enough money to get another one. So I had to teach the kindergartners for five months without air-conditioning. Mind you it was the middle of the summer in the classroom and it got extremely hot very quickly because of the large windows in the back of the room. I Begged school board to give us money So we could have the air conditioning fixed but it just didn’t happen quickly at all. It actually took five months to get the air-conditioning working in my classroom again which is insane. The kids cannot focus on the work I was teaching them and it was impossible for me to keep them in their chairs while they were sweating to death in the classroom. I am on a new path now to help raise money for our school so if the air-conditioning breaks again you don’t have to worry!!


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