tearing apart the a/c

I came apartment from work the other day to see my child ripping an a/c unit apart.

  • The a/c was a window unit and it looked brand new.

I asked him where he got the A/C unit and I wanted to know why he was splitting it apart. He kind of smiled and he told me he had found it in the creek. I knew how wild my son’s imagination was, but I almost believed him. I still had to question how a 10 year old was able to bring an a/c unit home, when it was full of water. He said the guy was resting there and he told him the a/c didn’t work and he was sleepy of having it around. When he asked if he could have it, the guy even took it out of the creek and put it in his wagon so he could bring it home. I was frustrated that my child had talked to strangers and that he allowed this person to be close enough to him that he could put something into his wagon. For a couple of hours all I could do was yell at him out of frustration. He knew he wasn’t supposed to go near strangers. He was all smiles when he told me he had just retrieved an a/c from the creek and the guy helped. She had said she wanted an a/c unit and he got a single for her. He even had the A/C unit running by the time I was done yelling and crying.



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