Technology is more trouble than it might be worth

Most of the time, my co-workers as well as myself cannot understand or even you are boss. Most of the time, the guy is responsible for a fifth of the tasks that many of the rest of us would perform. Temperature control has caused problem after problem, as well as a recent issue made it necessary for every one of us to disagree on temperature control patterns. Every one of us decided that the smart temperature locked was the best way to keep everyone from changing what could be. The boss was done at the home to decide the indoor temperature as well as did not take into account anyone else. The temperature control cannot sit around 74 degrees which is a bit warm for my taste as well as some of my co-workers taste. One good thing about this smart temperature control technology is the ease in which it can be hacked. My co-workers as well as myself can very easily hack to the system to you change the temperatures without a single thought to what the boss might or might not want to do. It only took half of a day to hack into this smart temperature control device and now each of us can access the system over the Wi-Fi network. It’s clear that our boss will not think this is absolutely hilarious, but in my opinion and guesstimation it will take months as well as months for him to even realize this has occurred. For these remaining months, my co-workers as well as myself will be remaining comfortable.

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