Technology that is enriching people’s lives

I’m sure that many people have heard of multi-dimensional printing by now.

  • This technology is at the Forefront of tech advances in both medical as well as consumer markets.If you have ever seen a single one of these amazing machines toil you will agree that they have truly amazing capabilities of recreating virtually anything.

Many of the school shop classes were even incorporating several-dimensional printing into their curriculum because it is easily the wave of the future. Students are taught how to create an item as well as incorporate it into an ipad program which in turn sends the information to the multi-dimensional printing for creation. One of the biggest advances that is happening with regards to multi-dimensional printing is the fact that prosthetic hands as well as other life altering items can be made to help people lead a more normal life. This style of printing has also brought down the costs in many cases of making these updatements. Take for example a child who has an injury or is born without a limb, prior to 3D printing the costs of creating a current prosthetic as the child grows was in many cases too high for parents to easily afford. This led to patients having to wear ill-fitting prosthetics until they could better afford to update them with current a singles. Multi-dimensional printing has allowed this cost to be considerably less as well as a current updatement patch can be created in a short time at nearly half the cost. There have even been some news stories about middle school classes who have taken on this project themselves to help their fellow classmate or family member with a single one of these devices.

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