Terrible air conditions in the bar

As a young adult, I was thrilled to land this job at the bar. But many things have changed since then, and I am no longer the young, dumb, enthusiastic kid that I once was. Over time, I’ve experienced a gradual downhill slope in terms of satisfaction in my work. The money is still good, the drunks at this bar are superb tippers, it’s just difficult to wrap my head around the idea of being a barmaid forever. It’s been a wonderful job, but I never intended to make a career of it.  The air quality inside the bar is uniformly terrible, as is the case in most bars in addition to clubs I have ever been to. The problem is that the longer I work in an environment with such poor quality, the weaker my lungs become, which makes it harder to handle than ever before. In a few more years, I may be incapable of handling this low air quality at all, so I have been suggesting better ways of utilizing ventilation systems in the bar. The bar has central a/c, however since that pretty much just circulates the same dirty air, it doesn’t make much of a difference. No matter how often all of us change out the air filters, it is never enough. The best approach is to start pumping in fresh air from outside as much as possible. These sort of ventilation systems are not all that fancy or pricy, so I’m hoping the boss is on board.