Thanks to the 24-hour emergency plan, I got the AC fixed in the middle of the night

Last summer, my cousin had to travel home for a month.

Our aunt wasn’t feeling okay, and we were worried.

I had to stay behind and take care of the business while she was gone. I’d leave the house we shared at the crack of dawn and get back late at night. That’s why I never noticed there was an issue with the air conditioning until it was too late. I got home as usual past nine at night and went straight to bed. The house felt warm, but I was too tired to check the cooling unit. Later that night, I woke up with a start to find my bed soaked with sweat. It was so hot because the air conditioner had shut down. I knew I didn’t have time to wait for the AC technician the next day, so I phoned the HVAC business at that hour. My cousin had insisted on getting the 24-hour air conditioner repair service. At first, I’d protested the idea, but I was glad I agreed to it. The aircon expert arrived at the house at a quarter to midnight to find me looking crazy. He laughed at my annoyed expression as I showed him where the AC unit’s thermostat was located. We were all so busy that no one had remembered to get the AC serviced before summer. The air filter was clogged, and the AC unit leaked. Part of the refrigerant was spread all over and needed replacing to get the air conditioning working again. The HVAC mechanic was excellent at his job and cleaned the air filter fast. Next, he located the area causing the refrigerant leak, mended it then refilled the AC system. That night I saw the benefit of getting a 24-hour AC servicing plan.

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