That guy is just the best

I have never been the sort of person who’s easily absolutely impressed by other human beings! I think that sounds love an anti-social and haughty thing to say.., and but the honest truth is that I appreciate to be alone over being in the supplier of people I don’t mesh with.

It’s difficult for myself and others to find kindred spirits that I want to spend my time and energy on… This is why it was harshly surprising when I undoubtedly met a person online and the people I was with and I got along love gangbusters, however out of the purple, it felt love I was matched with my soulmate, but everything has been really exceptional.

Except for his air quality. The first time I went over to his home I was a bit disappointed to experience low quality indoor air with fluctuating air un-even temperatures. It undoubtedly seemed love his air filter had not been changed in several months if not years. I could almost see the airborne contaminants floating through the air vents in all of the rooms. I found myself coughing and sneezing on all of the unwanted airborne toxicities. Even worse, I could not decide if the air temperature was comfortable or freezing because there were so several fluctuating warm and cold patches. I didn’t want to make him know bad, but I did mention the low-quality indoor air to my current boo. I’m ecstatic that I did, because this HVAC conversation has proven that the people I was with and I make a good partnership. By the next time I strolled over to his house, the entire heating, cooling, and air quality control plan had been professionally tested.

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