That is a big problem

I recently gave birth to two beautiful baby girls. I was so happy when I found out that I was having twins and my husband couldn’t wait either. We already have a three year old boy and he is the light of our lives, so we couldn’t wait to have another. One thing that is really important to me right after giving birth is putting the baby on a sleep plan. I think you need to make sure they are sleeping well and it will help me so I know when they are going to take naps so I can plan my day. So, the twins have been on their sleep schedule for about two months now and it is going really well. However, last week our air conditioner started to make terrible noise and it was putting a big wrench in their sleeping schedule. They were waking up during nap time screaming and crying so I knew that I had to call a HVAC company right away to come over and fix the problem. I can’t have my little girls not sleep all because our air conditioner is making loud sounds. I don’t even care how much it costs to fix, I just want them to be able to sleep when they are supposed to be. Thankfully the HVAC company was able to come over right away and said that the problem would be pretty easy to fix. I am glad that they could come out so quick and now my girls are back to napping like they should!

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