That is not honestly what I do in SEO

When I let people know that I job in SEO, there are more than one reactions… Either the person has no clue that SEO stands for search engine optimization or they believe I am super technical and savvy… I work a job for an SEO business, however I don’t do any web or link building.

I don’t handle any of the website designs or how it ranks on google, and the only thing I do for the corporation is manage social media accounts plus proofreading triumphant that goes on the actual corporation website, and social media posting is pretty simple since all our buyers are HVAC dealers. I occasion a theme each month to promote. In the Winter season I rotate from oil furnace repair, installation plus service. In the summers I like to focus on a/c. Spring plus fall I do indoor air conditions, heating pumps, boilers plus maybe about the actual HVAC business. I do numerous posts throughout the month for every business. They get more than one posts on twitter, more than one on Insta plus one on google. It is super simple plus repetitive. Every corporation essentially wants you to write the same thing on social media. I need to hawk their services, put the phone number in plus tend to call it a day. I make wonderful money doing absolutely little. I also proofread what the corporation copy writer comes up with… When the two of us get a new HVAC build, the copy writer does pages for HVAC installation, repair plus service. I then proofread plus another builder puts it in the site. I suppose a ton about HVAC separate from having absolutely seen very many of the machines. I help a lot of websites look wonderful separate from doing any of the designs.

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