That is the solution

Fall comes early, here where I  live, but it doesn’t last very long.  It seems like summer ends, we have a short  month of fall and then winter begins. There is also a short time between when the air conditioning goes off and the furnace is turned on.  Those few shorts weeks in between is when I sleep the best. I don’t have the noise of the heating or the air conditioning to interrupt my sleep.  I can open the window and for a few short weeks, I have crisp clean air in my home. I love it, and the only thing that matches is spring. The problem with spring is how I am awakened every morning by the woodpeckers.  I still love the crisp air coming in the windows. My mother said that if I don’t have clean air in my house when the air conditioning or the heating is on, then there is something wrong with my HVAC system. She asked me if I changed the air filters, or if I had the system cleaned lately.  I tried to tell her that I just prefer the seasons when the air is crisp and I can open the windows. But, she sure did have me wondering. I don’t sleep well, because I can’t breathe well when the windows are shut. I feel stuffy in the morning, and I hate the fuzzy feeling I have. Maybe she is right and I need to have the HVAC cleaned and the ductwork cleaned and sanitized.  She has been right before, after all.

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