That was a big change

I moved from Log Cabin after turning 19. The people I was with and myself went over to Fordham University and didn’t think about going home. The people in my group and some friends rented some log cabins and even shared places with others in order to save fees. The people I was with an addition to myself lived with roommates in impossible situations. I am in no way ready to move into my own place, after perusing my bills and looking down the numbers. Lately, I have been thinking about my own place, because my roommate and I have been arguing about the cooling equipment and furnace settings. We have been dwelling together for multiple months already, and we even had arguments during the summer about our cooling equipment. It was absolutely no shock that we would argue about the furnace as well, when the weather started to absolutely grow colder. There are so multiple weeks left of the winter, and the people I was with and myself cannot seem to agree on a temperature for our service. The people I was with and myself are going to part ways at some point, and then I will be happy to provide my home with a brand new furnace and cooling equipment. I will be the only person to use the equipment, and I will set the thermostat to any temperature that I prefer on any day of the week. There will be no people to tell me otherwise, when I am paying for the cooling equipment and furnace.

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