That was a good life

My bestie and all of his friends are still kids at heart; Even though both of us are finished with university and have tasks, when they are all together they act as if they are more than nine years old! I have constantly tried to get them to calm down before somebody or something got hurt, and Last year my fears ended up becoming real! My bestie invited all four of his buddies over to watch a pigskin game, so pretty much everyone was hyped up with extra testosterone. Once halftime came around a single of them recommended to play some touch pigskin inside. On the very first play of the game, my partner was tackled into the brand current state of the art heating and cooling component both of us had picked up. Not only was the heating and cooling component broken into many pieces, but I was pretty sure my partner had broken his arm! We rushed him to the hospital to find out that he did in fact have a pretty significant fracture. And to put the cherry on top, once both of us got condo and I called a local Heating and Air Conditioning heating and cooling repairman, he told me that the component would need to be repaired and it would be very, very high-priced. After hearing the unfortunate news my partner looked over to me and said “I very should have listened to you about calming down”. I am glad that he finally l acquired his lesson about acting love a huge child, but I very wish that he had to learn in a way that is going to cost us thousands of dollars!

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