That was so distracting

I am a complainer, there is no doubt about that – you can ask my boyfriend, he’ll tell you the same thing. I’m always telling him that he needs to do this or that and please stop doing this; but the thing that might drive me the wildest however, is his mouth breathing habit. I really loathe this distracting sound and gross visual of his mouth gaping open as he inhales and exhales, like he’s fogging up a windshield. It’s just so disgusting to me. In the past few weeks, though, I hate to admit it, I have begun to see the benefits of mouth breathing in certain conditions, such as, when the air is brutally frigid and dry outside, it’s not such a terrible idea to keep your oxygen flowing through your mouth. l gained this knowledge during the first few weeks of winter, because I typically am suffering from a respiratory illness at this point in the season. Once the temperatures start dropping, my sinuses begin to clog and that’s a wrap for the next five months until the weather warms up again. I’ve honestly always wondered how when the seasons change, it affects my sinuses and respiratory system, and all these years it’s been the cold and dry air flowing through my sinuses, causing them to dry out and become infected. Now, instead of worrying about my way of breathing being ‘off-putting’ to others, I worry about breathing through my mouth and keeping my sinuses healthy as ever.

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