That was so much fun

When I got a call from the extended care facility where our mother lives, I feared the worst. I was told by the administrator that there had been an accident, and that the facility had lost its a/c! A truck had hit an electric pole nearby, knocking out the electricity in turn and causing the a/c to parts of the facility to shut off. The generator had turned on and restored power to air conditioning systems in parts of the facility, though many of the residents still had no a/c or electricity! The generator wasn’t able to give excellent air circulation to most people in the building, so the A/C and the electric was not reaching all of the residents. I went to the facility to check on my mother, and I was disturbed to see that the facility had big fans all over! Extension cords were covering the floors, as the staff attempted to cool as many residents as they could. They were moving residents who had lost a/c to other parts of the facility that still had working cooling units, and as an added precaution, some residents were moved to a nearby hospital for care. That facility is licensed for over one-hundred beds, yet they had to move over half of the residents to different locations just to ensure that they had electricity and a/c! It does not seem right to me that their generator was falling short of what they needed for it to fully power the facilities. Eventually I caught up with my mother in a different air conditioned section of the building, and she had quite the tale to share with me. Hopefully the facility is better prepared the next time this happens!

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