That was weird

My son is at that age where he starts waking up in the middle of the night from nightmares, but about 98 percent of the time, I think that it’s just his dreams waking him up and scaring his into thinking he has a monster in his room, but these past two days he keeps saying that he has hearing noises and that these noises are coming from underneath his bed, and every time he comes into our room and says this we go back into his room turn on the light and look underneath the bed, and show him that there is no monster under his bed, but that same night I decided to sit in his bed with him to help him fall asleep. I accidentally fell asleep, but I woke up hearing the same noise. I knew what the noise was and it was loud and could be scary for a little boy. The noise indeed was coming from underneath his bed, but was actually coming from the furnace that is directly underneath his bed in the basement. It sounded like the furnace was going to shut down in any minute. So, I went to the control panel to shut the furnace off. It’s pretty simple to cut off the furnace through the control unit. All I have to do is switch the lever over to off, it’s that easy. I went downstairs to the furnace and I could hear it stop. I knew that it wasn’t a good indication,  so I made sure to write a note and leave it on the kitchen table so in the morning I could call the heating and cooling worker to come over and take a look at our furnace. I had a feeling that the screeching sound was due to a blower motor or belt because when the furnace stopped and turned back up again it made that noise again.

heating unit