That was when I was younger

My city has been getting hit with some serious snowstorms as of late, and our old farmhouse has not been doing a good job of holding up. The overall insulation has been fine, but with the radiant heated flooring running on high power for so long without any breaks, it broke down on us. My wife and I are tired of having to call an HVAC professional to come over and repair the unit, and it is also a pain to constantly pay those expensive repair costs. We don’t have much money saved up, but we decided to pull the trigger and invest in a state of the art HVAC heating and cooling unit. This might be the most expensive thing we have purchased in years, but we have heard from close friends and family that it will be the best decision we make. We will be able to save tons of cash each month due to the heating and cooling units efficiency, and over a few years we will have made all the money back. I am just happy that we won’t have to call down to the HVAC company in town every week, because it was getting awkward having to tell them we were still having the same old problems! With all of the money that we will be saving, maybe down the road we will even be able to invest in some radiant heated flooring as well! I know that’s a longshot, but crazier things have happened! We still love living up in the chilly north, and it feels so good knowing that we won’t have to dread the long and brutal winter any longer thanks to our new heating and cooling unit.

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