That’s a big issue

I swear all of the time, our wifey is yelling at myself and others about something. I have gotten to the point where I don’t undoubtedly listen to her so much. I let her vent because I figure perhaps she needs to do that for her mental health or something. The last time she was yelling at myself and others about a bunch of stuff, she asked if I was even listening to her. When I didn’t respond, she freaked out & pushed myself and others off of our chair & I flew to the ground & hurt our arm. I then yelled at her asking what she was doing. Why did she push myself and others off the chair! When I got up, she then pushed myself and others into the wall & I flew into the control component & it broke into pieces. She said she was leaving myself and others & packed her things & left. I think I married a silly woman. She didn’t used to be so bad however then I l gained that she was ran tests on with Bipolar disorder & it made sense. I figured she would really be back when she calmed down & went on the flipside of her disorder & she would apologize for pushing myself and others off the chair & into the wall & would say sorry about the control unit. I had to call the Heating & A/C company & told them I needed a up-to-date control unit. The Heating & A/C professional I spoke to recommended  a smart control unit. He said he could also put a protective cover around it to reinforce it from disfigures if I wanted. I undoubtedly told him what happened & how our wifey pushed myself and others into the control unit. I went with the smart control component however said the protective reinforcement wouldn’t be necessary.