That’s alright with me

Every single time I asked my husband if he changed the air filter for our HVAC system, he said he already took care of it. Honestly, I was starting to become suspicious because the house was becoming incredibly dusty. On top of that, the heating system always seemed to be running with very few breaks, and that seemed to be incredibly odd to me. Finally, I decided to have a look at the air filter myself. What I found was absolutely shocking. The air filter was totally congested with dust and debris and it was a wonder that the HVAC system was working at all! When I confronted my husband about this, I told him he better immediately get some new air filters or our HVAC system would break down or overheat. So he went to pick up some air filters and he came back with these cheap looking air filters that you could pretty much see through. I knew these weren’t going to cut it. I decided to go to the store myself and I picked up some high quality HEPA air filters. I figured these would improve the air quality a great deal. When I installed the HEPA air filter, after awhile the air quality really did improve a great deal. The HVAC system seemed to relax more as it wasn’t working constantly as it was before. I was pleased with my decision to get those HEPA air filters. I figure that if I want the HVAC system to last, I’m going to have to take charge of maintenance and changing the air filters because I don’t think my husband will do it.

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